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Love and Ignorance - Prologue (#030 - life)

Title: Love and Ignorance - Prologue
Fandom: Digimon Adventure ZeroTwo/Digimon Frontier
Summary:  Destiny had not decreed them to meet, but anything was possible when space and time collapsed.
Characters (main): Miyako Inoue, Kouichi Kimura
Pairings: Miyako/Kouichi
Prompt: #030 - life
Genres: ?
Rating: T
Disclaimer: I don't own Digimon or the characters depicted within unless otherwise stated. Written for digimon_100 for the pairing Miyako/Kouichi.This is purely non-profit.
Word Count: 164
Extra Notes: cross-posted to fanfiction and AO3

Love and Ignorance

It wasn’t written in their fate that they would meet; indeed, Destiny had assigned them to different worlds, different times. And yet, they met against the odds, in a place where time and fate had collapsed in on itself.

And Destiny had no reason to try and stop them. There was no grand scheme that was affect should they meet and fall in love. And that love would be lost to the time and space when it returned, she knew; they would become tied to others, marry others – perhaps the only difference would be that they would now know their soul mate was beyond their reach.

But many people lived out their entire lives without ever even meeting their soul mate. So perhaps they had some fortune in the brief collapse of the dimensional wall that separated them without their knowledge…

Or maybe it was unfortunate, for they had to live out the rest of their lives knowing they were being denied true love.

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