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Morning Mist - Part 2 (prompt #006: orange)

Title: Morning Mist - Part 2
Fandom: Digimon Adventure ZeroTwo/Digimon Frontier
Summary:  It was the first time they were having a proper conversation, and yet both of them knew more about the other than they realised. Their encounter turns from a ghostly figure in the mist to the two of them sitting together on the top of the world and having a chat about each other.
Characters (main): Miyako Inoue, Kouichi Kimura
Pairings: Miyako/Kouichi
Prompt: #006 - orange
Genres: Friendship/Romance
Rating: K+
Disclaimer: I don't own Digimon or the characters depicted within unless otherwise stated. Written for digimon_100 for the pairing Miyako/Kouichi.This is purely non-profit.
Word Count: 1123
Extra Notes: each "part" is a separate oneshot. cross-posted to fanfiction.

Morning Mist
Part 2

It was like watching the sunrise without the sky turning a multi-shade of orange and red. The wind was colder and the mist a swirling cloud of white, but still Miyako felt the need to tug her scarf away from her throat and swallow the brisk air.

Kouichi was sitting down on the ledge, the flush on his cheeks a little darker from the exertion. He was smiling though; Miyako hadn't seen him smile like that at school. Not that she saw him all that often, them being in different years and all. Though there was the library, and under the tree…

She stopped that train of though. 'I am not a stalker,' she said out loud.

Kouichi chuckled. Miyako sighed. 'I put my foot in my mouth again.' Her fringes flew across her face and she poked them back under the hat.

'You almost always admit it,' the other pointed out, seemingly more at ease at the top of the world. 'That's more than most people do.'

'You haven't been stalking me too, have you?' Miyako asked half-teasingly, running that sentence over in her head.

Kouichi laughed again, and for the life of her Miyako couldn't see what was so funny.

'I suppose we've just noticed each other more than we thought.' He was silent for a bit, thinking. 'You're at the chess club meetings sometimes, but I never see you play.'

'Ah, I'm just there to keep a friend company.' Miyako rubbed her hands together, fighting the urge to rub her hair instead. The wind was making enough of a mess with it, completely ignoring the hood as an obstacle. 'I can't seem to last more than four moves, even against Daisuke. He doesn't even know what the pieces do!'

The ire in her voice was evident.

'There's an easy way to avoid that.'

'So everyone tells me. Except no-one tells me what that way actually is.'

'It is much easier to explain with a chess board.' Kouichi closed his eyes, drawing one up in his mind. 'I'm guessing it's the classical four move checkmate: king's pawn forward – doesn't really matter whether it's one or two spaces – then king's side bishop or the queen to attack the opponent's king's bishop pawn, then the other one attacking, then queen takes the pawn and puts the king on checkmate.'

Miyako followed that, running through her memory of the pieces moving. 'That sounds about right,' she said. 'How'd you know?'

'Not much you can do in four moves really.' Kouichi opened his eyes again, leaning back on his palms. 'The easiest way is to just move that pawn. The one that gets taken; that entire strategy depends on it being an easy target.'

Miyako scrunched her face a little in thought. 'That's true,' she realised. 'How did I not notice that before?' It was a rhetorical question; she knew how. She just hadn't been looking past the middle of the board. 'Music's so much easier to manage; your eyes don't have to be on 64 squares at once.'

'And computers?' the other asked dryly.

'Computers are computers. No-body could go wrong with Koushirou as their teacher.' There was no way Kouichi could not know who Koushirou was: a revolutionary figure in their school, if nothing else about him was recalled. 'Chess on the other hand…I get the feeling those boys don't want the additional competition.' She crossed her hands, half from cold and half from ire. 'Honestly.'

Kouichi looked up at her but said nothing.

'But really…' They'd strayed completely off topic. 'You seem to know as much about me as I do about you.'

'It's something I didn't realise until there wasn't anybody else around.' Kouichi gave a bit of a small shrug, looking out to the hazy mountains and the shimmering low-cut sun. 'It's funny; I have a hard time remembering the name of my science partner.'

'Because of that accident a few years back?' Miyako paused, thinking that might have been a little tactless of her.

'It wasn't.' Kouichi was looking at her face again. 'It's public knowledge anyway.'

'It's written all over my face, isn't it?' Miyako rubbed her cheeks; nothing changed.

'Maybe only when you know what to look for,' the other offered. 'But yes; I remember some things easily enough, but others…it seems like I can always remember important things though, so it's not really a bother.'

Miyako had to stifle her own laugh at that. 'So I was more important than your science partner?'

'Are you flirting with me?' Kouichi shot back, voice perfectly even.

Miyako sat down abruptly, a little harder than she had intended. 'You –' she began, before taking a deep breath and starting again. 'How can you say that in a conversational tone?'

'Hmm…I guess you are the first one to ever do that before.' He pulled his legs up away from the lip of the cliff, leaning back onto the ice-dusted grass.

'Do what before?'

'Well…' Kouichi was silent for a moment, trying to get his thoughts into some coherent form. 'Talk to me,' he said finally, 'without any sort of barrier in our way.'

'Oh?' Miyako blinked. 'Don't you do that with your friends?'

The boy shook his head. 'Not really; truth is, they knew each other a while before I came on scene.'

'And you don't really talk to many other people.' Miyako adjusted her seat, before grinning a little. 'Still, that doesn't explain why I stand out. Or am I just flattering myself – hah, I got you to blush again!'

And indeed, Kouichi was blushing at the teasing tone the other had snuck in. 'You're flirting with me.'

'Well, you are cute,' Miyako sheepishly replied. 'But I try to make it a habit to only flirt with the nice cute boys. And preferably ones that didn't not witness all my embarrassing moments in elementary school – oh look! The birds are out!' She laughed, easily slipping into the new conversational thread she had begun. 'Holsmon's there too!'

She stood up and waved, and the bird spun in the air to acknowledge her.

'Want to ride?'

'With these jackets?'

Miyako rolled her eyes. 'It's not that much colder than here,' she said in a matter-of-fact tone. 'Besides, we won't be high up for very long.' Her grin turned mischievous. 'Getting cold feet?'

'No,' Kouichi shook his head, his tone perfectly relaxed. So much so in fact that Miyako couldn't tell whether he was pulling her leg or stating the plain truth. 'I'm just hoping my brother's not up with the crack of dawn today.'

'Oh? Overprotective much?'

'Yeah…and I'm the older twin too.'

Miyako laughed again. 'Can't say I know any other twins to comment on that.'

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