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Morning Mist - Part 3 (prompt #033: laugh)

Title: Morning Mist - Part 3
Fandom: Digimon Adventure ZeroTwo/Digimon Frontier
Summary:  It was the first time they were having a proper conversation, and yet both of them knew more about the other than they realised. Their encounter turns from a ghostly figure in the mist to the two of them sitting together on the top of the world and having a chat about each other.
Characters (main): Miyako Inoue, Kouichi Kimura
Pairings: Miyako/Kouichi
Prompt: #033 - laugh
Genres: Friendship/Romance
Rating: K+
Disclaimer: I don't own Digimon or the characters depicted within unless otherwise stated. Written for digimon_100 for the pairing Miyako/Kouichi.This is purely non-profit.
Word Count: 1501
Extra Notes: each "part" is a separate oneshot. cross-posted to fanfiction.

Morning Mist
Part 3

Both of them were yawning – Miyako covering her loud ones by a gloved hand and Kouichi trying to muffle his – by the time they made it down to the forest floor, even in spite of the wing stinging their eyes.

'One of these days,' Miyako said, rubbing her dried out eyes, 'I'm going to learn to sleep at night instead of stay up excited.'

'I don't think I ever will,' Kouichi responded with a smile and shaking his head a little. 'Sometimes I wonder why my beast spirit wasn't a night-owl.'

'I suppose they wouldn't match very closely to the original sphinx,' Miyako said, as Holsmon de-digivolved into his Child form. 'Though I'm sure owls have some methodological significance as well.'

'And a tank?' Kouichi asked dryly.

'…I'm afraid I'll have to get back to you on that one,' the other said sheepishly. 'Though I do remember all the times Iori had to stop the ones from the military.' She paused, then laughed. 'Don't tell me you're cold.'

'I am,' Kouichi confessed. 'A little.'

'Really Miyako.' Hawkmon shook his feathers, feeling them settle comfortably onto his wings and back. 'Not everyone is as accustomed to flying as you.'

'But it's not like we're in Siberia!' Miyako shivered at the very thought of that trip. 'Brr.'

'Though I do remember you being significantly warmer after Imperialdramon arrived.' Hawkmon raised a telling wing. 'I do have to wonder how that happened.'

'Yeah, I have to wonder that too.' Miyako looked thoughtful, trying to puzzle it out. 'I have to say, I hadn't noticed.' She gave up after a bit. 'I think this is better save to when I'm more awake.'

'Like midnight when you should be sound asleep in bed.' Hawkmon h'mmphed and crossed his arms.

Kouichi watched the pair of them, bemused. 'At least lions are known to be nocturnal.'

'They're also known to be the social butterflies of the cat family,' Miyako shot back, switching tracks with a speed that only Hawkkmon was accustomed to – though an outside observer would not have caught that. 'But I don't see you being social.'

'Point taken,' the other said, after a brief pause. 'Though Kouji always wonders why my beast spirit isn't an owl instead.'

'Oh?' Miyako looked around, then picked a direction and starting marching in it. 'Come on, there's the trial.'

The pair hurried to catch up to her as she continued: 'What is his beast spirit then?'

'A wolf,' Kouichi replied promptly.

'Lone wolf?' Miyako laughed at the other's nod. 'Someone wasn't being very original there; at least turning a bird into a griffin is better.'

'And into a Samurai, while useful, defies every law of logic that exists,' Hawkmon added.

'That too,' Miyako agreed. 'But we've long confirmed the lack of logic in the Digital World. I suppose it comes from its power to create dreams as well.'

'It does?' Kouichi thought on that a moment. 'It really is that sort of world. I – we're lucky to have had the chance to be Chosen.'

'I could have done without a bit of the fighting.' Miyako decided it wans't her business to ask, though she had to admit the sudden melancholy had her curious. 'Okay, so there's a lion, a wolf and a tank. A dragon and an angel as well?'

'No angel, but we do have a dragon.'

'No angel huh.' Miyako was a little surprised, moreso when she caught the flash of something on the other's face at the word.

Kouichi caught her glance. 'Lucemon was an angel,' he explained. 'He also destroyed the Digital World.'

'Oh.' Miyako really didn't know what to say to that; it seemed so…strange, to hear of angels being evil, just as it was straight to be out for sleeplessness before dawn and wind up doing – and talking – so much. But it was the same strangeness that surrounded Wormmon: a good virus, and the Ogremon that Mimi was so fond of. 'They ought to have a Chosen for Darkness,' she said aloud. 'That should put this mess straight.'

That caught Kouichi off guard for multiple reasons. 'What mess?' he asked, catching himself from saying he was the Chosen of Darkness.

'You know.' Miyako waved a hand. 'We've gone all this time calling darkness evil and viruses evil – sans Mimi's friend Ogremon and Ken's Wormmon I suppose – and angels being good and all – '

'Generalisations that got cemented with time I suppose.' They had reached the top, and yet most of the scenery had been absorbed by their subconscious minds while they talked. 'I think our Digital World was more primitive than that: Lucemon was both good and bad, so I don't even know if you could call him evil. And darkness – well, the Continent of Darkness was a sanctuary for a long time, despite Cherubimon's castle being in the centre of it.'

'Was Cherubimon evil?' Miyako asked.

Kouichi shook his head.

Miyako tried to muddle it out. 'A whole string of misunderstandings or a difference in opinion?'

'A bit of both, actually, and a bad influence to boot, but I think it was more because he was lonely.'

'Oh…' That reminded her of Ken's situation. 'I think this is a conversation for another time – maybe with all of us together.' She plopped onto the ground. 'We're staying for a few days; how about you guys?'

'Leaving tomorrow.'

'Oh.' She was disappointed; perhaps, she thought to herself, she had been hoping for another before-dawn encounter. 'We can always meet for lunch, or after school.'

'Actually…' Kouichi turned a little away from her, looking out to the forest scenery. It was not as wide nor as beautiful as their mountain-peak or sky-borne views, but it still held a soothing image in his mind. 'We're moving. Closer to my father's.'

'Oh,' Miyako said lamely. 'I guess you'll be able to spend more time with your brother and friends then.'

'I guess.'

Hawkmon looked at his partner; Miyako looked at the scenery spread a little ways below.

'But I was so used to commuting from that far away,' he sighed. 'Somehow…' Then he smiled. 'Every other weekend alright for you?'

'Huh?' Miyako whipped around to stare at him. 'For what? A date?'

'No.' He blushed a little. 'Just…meeting up.'

'Oh.' She pretended she couldn't see Hawkmon's exasperated glare. 'There are emails and phones too, you know.' She paused, then grinned, feeling much more cheerful. 'Though I wouldn't say no to a date.'

Miyako was sure her Jogress partner would have a comment for that, if she had been there. Kouichi instead was pretending he hadn't heart that last bit, taking out a pen and paper. 'There's no point in me giving you my number,' he said, offering the things to her. 'Since we're moving soon.'

'How soon?' Miyako wrote her home number and email…and, after a moment's thought, her mobile as well, though she wasn't sure he had one.

'Well, our parents are shifting things now. Part of the reason we came at this time of the year.'

It was a rather quiet time to come camping, despite school not being in session.

'We always come at this time.' Hawkmon's ears stood, but neither of the two humans noticed. 'There's a lot of us, so it's better in the quiet season when no-one's –'

She was handing the paper and pen back to him when a new voice broke through. 'Ni-san!'

Kouichi laughed and stood up. 'My brother,' he said, spotting the speck of navy blue down by the cabins.

'I suppose he was up by the crack of dawn,' Miyako said, yawning again. 'I guess that means Sora and Koushiro will be up soon. At least they're quiet – and we can't do anything until Daisuke and Taichi wake up anyway. The pair of them sleep like logs.'

She was looking forward to a couple of more hours in bed.

'I guess I better go then,' Kouichi said, watching the spot that was his brother move a little and then shout again. 'Before Kouji wakes Takuya.'

Miyako imagined that this Takuya was not a morning person from that comment. 'I suppose you should,' she said lightly. 'Make sure you call me sometime – any time after next week, but not too late. I don't want to be waiting forever for that date.'

And she flew down the trail to her own cabin (with Hawkmon trailing behind) before he could figure out what she said – not that he could. After all, Kouichi was fairly sure he hadn't agreed or offered a date…though "fairly" wasn't the same as "exactly".

He was "exactly" sure he would get some teasing for bringing back a girl's phone number though – but for some reason, he didn't want to hide it. Though he hadn't anticipated the flushed cheeks to get some teasing first – but he couldn't really help that. Miyako had been…refreshing. Even if he didn't think he was as heads over heels in love as Izumi seemed to want to think.

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