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digimon_100's Journal

The Digimon 100 Livejournal Community
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Another writing challenge community
Welcome to the digimon_100 Livejournal community! This is yet another of the challenge communities, and this is what we do here: write! Choose a pairing or a character, claim them, check out the themes, and get to writing!

You can choose any character or pairing from any season of Digimon, but each person can only claim two claims. However, there are no limits on how many people may claim something. So, a dozen people could claim Ken x Daisuke, but each of those dozen could only claim one other character or pairing until they finish their 100 fics. Is that clear? I hope so!

There is absolutely no time limit whatsoever, and no "post every so often" either. This is a hundred fanfics, so it's understandable that you might take your time on it.

You can claim single characters or pairings of up to three people, but not entire seasons. Your entries should be at least 100 words long, which is standard drabble length. Other than that, they can be as long as you'd like them to be. What order you do the prompts in and how you interpret them is entirely up to you. If you want to claim a crossover couple, like Yagami Taichi x Makino Ruki, that's fine. If you want to cross someone with another fandom altogether...well, let's see if someone wants to do that first.

You can claim any type of pairing at all, be it Digimon x Digimon, Digimon x human, male x female, female x female, and male x male. I certainly do not care at all. Oh, and please put your works behind an LJ-cut.

Please post your fics for it here. Tag it with your character or pairing (i.e., if you've claimed Taichi x Sora, then tag it with "taichi x sora").

I can't as of yet promise anything for finishing the 100 fics, like a pretty banner, but you'll get your name on the Hall of Fame and have bragging rights that you wrote 100 Digimon fanfics! That's still pretty good, isn't it?

If you want to claim a pairing or character, then go here. If you've finished or want to drop, then here is where you want to go. If you'd care to affiliate, then ask me here, and I'm certain to say yes, sooner or later!

When you post your fanfic, please include the following information:

Title: Of your fanfic, of course.
Pairing/Character: That you claimed
Rating: How explict your fic is.
Warnings: Anything that might make people go 'eep'.
Disclaimer: You know what this is, don't you?

You can have more information to your taste, such as word count or whatever, but please have that much there.

Now, for the themes. If you want to put them on one of those spiffy tables on your own journal, then the html can be found here.

1: Red 2: White 3: Blue 4: Gold 5: Silver
6: Orange 7: Violet 8: Yellow 9: Green 10: Black
11: East 12: West 13: North 14: South 15: Loud
16: Quiet 17: Asleep 18: Awake 19: Child 20: Adult
21: Silk 22: Satin 23: Velvet 24: Leather 25: Wool
26: Linen 27: Feather 28: Fur 29: Scales 30: Life
31: Death 32: Rebirth 33: Laugh 34: Cry 35: Mist
36: Moon 37: Stars 38: Comet 39: Galaxy 40: Sun
41: Sunrise 42: Sunset 43: Noon 44: Night 45: Eyes
46: Ears 47: Nose 48: Hair 49: Arms/Hands 50: Legs/Feet
51: Horse 52: Dog 53: Cat 54: Insect 55: Worm
56: Dragon 57: Angel 58: Demon 59: Wolf 60: Bird
61: Roses 62: Daisies 63: Violets 64: Lilies 65: Buttercups
66: Picnic 67: Rain 68: Snow 69: Car 70: Bicycle
71: Train 72: Walk 73: Brother 74: Sister 75: Father
76: Mother 77: Cousin 78: Son 79: Daughter 80: Husband
81: Wife 82: Gate 83: Artwork 84: Music 85: Game
86: Training 87: Loyalty 88: Clouds 89: Rainbow 90: Vacation
91: School 92: Slow 93: Fast 94: Lake 95: River
96: Author's Choice 97: Author's Choice 98: Author's Choice 99: Author's Choice 100: Author's Choice


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